Last week



I am coming to the end of my time here at NBS, I has been an amazing experience, I have really enjoyed it and learnt so much. My dancing has changed and improved like I would never have believed it could have. I have spent time with and become friends with dancers who I believe will, one day, be the top dancers in the world. I have had my eyes open to the sheer amount of work and personal determination that it takes to dance at one of the worlds top ballet schools. I hope to take what I have learnt back home with me.  Thanks to everyone for their support in what has been a wonderful time.


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Third Week…

I have finished my third week here in Toronto, I had a minor setback when I mildly injured my hip from overuse. However I am fully recovered now. I am setting into a rhythm here. However I am still having a great time. I have improved so much since I have been here and have learnt so much.

We were given the opportunity to watch the school’s post-school students perform “suit en blanc”. I was amazed by the dancing. I have never seen that level of dance before, apart from youtube, It was a big eye opener to the standard expected internationally.

I am currently on the schools short mid term break and go back to school on monday.

Thanks to everyone for their support.

First Week

gabe2-1st-day-nbsI have finished my first week of dancing here at Canadian National ballet school. I am having an amazing time, despite being completely exhausted. I have been dancing up to 6 and a half hours each day.  I am dancing with some of the world’s best teachers in the most beautiful studios I have ever seen. The NBS building has 6 floors and around 18 studios! It is truly more than I had imagined. I have made some good friends and everyone here is such an amazing dancer, it is very inspiring.
I am very grateful to everyone who has helped me and supported me in this amazing experience.
NBS dance studio


I have recently returned back from a school camp in the Cederberg and have been training hard to keep myself strong for Canada, I start at NBS in just 2 and a half weeks. I am very excited.

This photo was taken at the recent TDA eisteddfod, where I received 96% for my solo. I dance in the finals on Saturday for both my solo and pas de deux. I am also performing for my school on Friday.


Dancing towards a Dream

I have just launched a GivenGain fundraising campaign to help me stay in residence at the Canadian National Ballet School.

Please read on…

I have been dancing at the Stellenbosh Ballet Association in South Africa since I was 3-years old. Despite many challenges I stayed with ballet to become the dancer I am today.

I have recently been given the opportunity to attend the Canadian National Ballet School from mid-October to mid-December this year. This is an amazing opportunity for which I am grateful and I plan on making the most of it. It is an opportunity to improve my dancing dramatically and an opportunity such as this can open doors to a career as a professional dancer.

The National Ballet School has given me a full tuition scholarship. I have also done several small local fundraisers to help contribute to my time overseas. I am doing this campaign to raise funds so that I can stay in the National Ballet School’s on-site residence in Toronto with full room and board. I will have full days there with normal school in the mornings and dance until 6:30pm every day from Monday to Friday and dance every Saturday.

If you would like to help me achieve my goal please donate to this Stellenbosch Ballet Association campaign by clicking on the “Donate Now” button on the sidebar.